Jesus came to serve and not be served.  Just as in any healthy family, everyone does their part to contribute.  

We're all called to serve others out of God's love.  

Men's Ministry

Connect with other men who have, or have overcome, similar challenges. We truly believe that as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  Grow as a husband, father, grandfather, brother or friend.  Besides connecting with other men through phone calls, hikes or other activities, the men regularly gather over breakfast on Tuesdays at a local restaurant as well as meeting on Monday evenings.  You can share life with other guys, give and receive prayer, get encouraged, and discuss the Bible and events.  There are also annual retreats. You will make new friends!

Women's Ministry

Regularly gather together with other ladies to grow in friendships, in your relationship with the Lord, and in your identity from God. The ladies often host events, engage in conversation, dive into Scripture, and pray.  There are a number of women's groups meeting on a regular basis where you can get to know others, as well as annual retreats.  In addition, there are occasional women's events (outings to museums, plays, shopping; craft events; women's teas, etc.).  

Life Groups and House Churches

Life Groups and House Churches are the smaller settings where discussion and more personal ministry can take place.  There are many different types of groups that can be taking place at any time: men's, women's, parenting, marriage, finances, foundations of faith, prayer, and more.  We encourage everyone to participate in a smaller  group and go deeper in relationships.  See the Events page for more info on what groups are currently meeting.

AdventureLand Children's Ministry

Our kids are our greatest legacy.  They're the next Kingdom leaders.  Because they don't have a junior Holy Spirit, we teach our kids how to enter into God's presence for themselves.  We also show them how to minister to everyone around them: from kids at school, to their parents, and more.  For children ages 0 to 4, the Explorers class is available during the entire length of the service. For kids grades K to 2, the Pioneers class is available after the worship portion of the service. For kids grades 3 to 6, the Trailblazers class gathers after the worship time.  Why do we include kids in our worship time?  We want them to encounter the presence of God for themselves and see an example from their parent(s) and those around them of one way to worship God.  

All our teachers go through background checks to ensure children’s safety and are folks who are part of and known by our church family.  We have a secure check-in as a further safety step.

Soul Fire Youth Group

As with our young ones, our junior high and high school students are our greatest legacy.  We're passionate to bring them into encounters with the presence of the Lord and establish them in His reality.  It's not simply about teaching for head knowledge, but experiences with the Lord and each other. They get established in their identity and purpose from the Lord.  The youth currently join the adults for the worship portion of the Sunday service, then gather with other students for the second half of the service.  There are occasional events available for youth also.  For more info, contact us.


The glory of God will die in the church if it doesn't get outside the church.  We strive for outreach to be organic and personal: many of us are already surrounded by so many who need Jesus.  Striking up a conversation, serving others unconditionally, being there for them... all of these show the heart of Jesus to those around us.  Much greater than having a program for outreach is having each of us loving in word and action those we know who don’t know the Lord yet. That way, outreach is always happening everywhere we go!  

That being said, our church family has regularly participated in outreach events as the Lord leads.  We've also partnered with to help people find answers to their hard questions as they consider following Jesus.  Feel free to visit the site and look around!  

Worship, Media & Sound

God is passionate about worship because it's one of the primary times we encounter His presence and are changed to be more like Him.  We are more changed by a few minutes in His presence than by a hundred self-help books.  Worship is warfare as well: it changes the spiritual atmosphere of an area to see God’s plans for that area advance.  For these reasons, we have extended times of worship with a prophetic edge during our gatherings on Sundays.

It’s our heart that the worship team enjoy each other’s company and have fun together, with each team member not looking to be noticed or needing to play an instrument.  Instead, they see worship as a gift and their role as servants to one another and the church family.  Having this kind of heart allows us as a church to go deeper in worship together.

Areas of involvement: vocals, instruments, running media, livestream camera, and sound board.

Mentors Ministry

Another word for mentoring is discipleship.  What that means is we partner with those who are further down the road than we are in different areas of our lives to learn from them.  Whether you are a mentor or receiving mentoring, we all have areas in which to grow.  Much more effective than taking a class is joining with someone you can trust to walk with you through the ups and downs and the questions that arise.  You can be mentored in your relationship with God on a personal level.  These people can become spiritual moms and dads in your life—helping to apply things you’re reading in the Bible, to hear God’s voice, to grow in prayer, and to be able to minister to those around you in a greater way.

Besides mentoring in your relationship with God, you can also give or receive mentoring in marriage and parenting.  Growing in your marriage or fine-tuning your parenting is not an overnight job.  An on-going relationship with those with more experience and insight is needed to see the desired changes.  Partner with mentors (or become a mentor) who have your best interest at heart and whom you can trust.  Marriage and parenting counseling is also available.


One of the best ways to grow in your prayer life is to pray with others.  You can come early to pre-service prayer at 9am Sunday mornings, sign up to gather online with others to pray, join the Women’s Prayer Group on Wednesday mornings, or simply meet one-on-one with a member of our church family to pray.  We also have Prayer Teams on Sunday morning after the service to pray with others for more personal ministry.  You can receive prayer, or if it’s on your heart, sign up to minister to others with the Prayer Teams.

Hospitality & Serving

Hospitality goes a long way in building family and community.  No matter what culture or nation you visit, people all over the world gather around food.  God knows this too as He tells us to show hospitality to one another.  The Hospitality Team shows up early on Sundays to set up refreshments, bring snacks, and cleans up after the service.  The Clean Team comes each week to clean the church building so it’s ready for our next gathering.  For those occasions when meals need to be provided to those in need or suffering a loss, a group comes together to take care of that need. It’s all a demonstration of the humble love of God.


Our church is passionate about missions work in other areas and nations.  We currently support in prayer and financially multiple ministries serving in many countries.   Additionally, we have supported individuals from our church as they have ministered in Brazil, Nepal, India, South Africa, Kenya and more.  The good news of Jesus is for all nations and all people!

Mercy Ministry

Jesus modeled generosity for all of us.  One way we show love is by providing for one another's needs.  Given that there are so many needs around us, we follow the Lord's leading as to what He wants us to focus on.  We've helped our own church family and people connected with individuals in our church family with financial gifts, rent, utilities, etc.  We also have a camp trailer available to use for temporary living situations.  If you would like to give toward the Mercy Ministry, you can do so under the Giving page, and designate "Mercy."