We are a family that hungers for the presence of God and does life together.  We have a heart to love and help those who have been hurt by church or have walked away from the Lord.  Love is our highest value!


Our mission comes down to this: Receiving God's love and giving it away.  This is Oasis.  It's a divine flow that begins in heaven, continues through us, and out to our world.  We are committed to have God's presence encounter us and let Him love us.  And as we do, we're changed.  We're healed.  We're set free. 


Then we give that love away.  It can look like a hug for a struggling friend, providing shelter for the homeless, unconditional acceptance of everyone with no stones to throw, calling upon someone in love and patience, praying for a miracle to take place (and watching it happen)... love can take on so many forms!  You will find no condemnation, shame, guilt, or rejection here--only people calling you higher into the identity and purpose that God has for you.  You will also find a group of people who believe God is good and expect Him to be the supernatural God He is.


Part of loving one another is knowing that conflict and disagreement is going to happen in any relationship; it’s how we handle conflict and disagreement that matters.  Living from the foundation of God’s love enables us to grow and see health in our marriages, families, friendships and even toward strangers.  To that end, we have put together our church family commitment to one another:


Openness and honesty

Teachable and not defensive

Love is non-negotiable in disagreement and adversity

Believe the best of one another

Trust one another's hearts above words and actions

Negative fellowship and criticism is an offense against the house

Look out for one another

Consider others more important


Our church is passionate about family—we see God’s church as family and not a business.  The goal in business is to move up the corporate ladder, sometimes at the expense of others.  The goal of family, however, is maturity, and as a result we want to partner with people to step into the fullness of their God-given identity!  We trust God’s blueprint for our lives is better than our own.  You have a destiny and purpose from Him that is brilliant!


The universe, this world and the human race was created by God.  But humanity rejected God and chose their own way.  However, God remained committed to us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to show us who He is.  Jesus died on the cross in our place, and rose from the dead three days later.  He has conquered death, sin, the devil, and hell.  And now every person has the opportunity to believe in Jesus and follow His plan for their lives.  He gives the Holy Spirit to everyone who chooses to follow Him.  And now we look forward to Jesus returning and making all things new.

As a Foursquare church, we focus on four main aspects of Jesus: He is the Savior, the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, the Healer, and the soon and coming King!  For more information on Foursquare and what we believe click here.

Some core values:

God is the answer to every single need in life and in our world.

God is more good than we think He is.

Jesus is extremely committed to us.

Both the Bible (the word of God) and the Holy Spirit are needed.

Prayer changes history.

Our kids are our greatest legacy. 


"Weclome to Oasis online!   We hope that soon you have the opportunity to visit our church.  For those of you who are new to our church, we are excited to meet you and have you get to know our church family.  Please come as you are.


When you walk through our doors you will see all types of people. We just want you to know that you are welcomed and loved.  Our desire is to help you encounter God for yourself, to be who you are from Him, and to partner with you to step into His destiny for your life.  Feel free to look around and contact us with any questions.  We look forward to meeting you!" 


Dan Chance



Sunday Morning Services:

9:00AM & 11:30AM




Oasis Church

4077 W Riverbend Ave

Post Falls, ID 83854


Mail: PO Box 1147, Post Falls, ID 83877

Phone: 208-712-6171

Email: info@oasisnw.com