Our church currently livestreams our services on our Facebook page (visit our page here or click on the icon on the bottom of this page), on our YouTube channel (visit our channel here or click on the icon on the bottom of this page), and as a podcast (see below).  We seek to follow the Lord's leading in every gathering: giving time for worship, sharing what we feel He is speaking, prayer, getting into the Bible and enjoying each other's company.



Part of the Father's heart is for His children to hear Him--to have intimacy with His voice.  Let your confidence arise as you take practical steps to increase your hearing of His voice day to day and moment to moment.  



This message from Kevin Ford will inspire you through stories of God's power and goodness, as well as healings happening during the service!


The Father's heart is being revealed more and more, and part of that is He wants us to see Him and see what He's doing.  Understand His heart on a deeper level and engage in an activation to see in the spirit more.



You can listen to the podcast below, or search "Oasis Foursquare Church" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music.  From there you can subscribe and listen to our weekly podcast.





Our desire is to equip every believer to live in the fullness of everything Jesus died for us to have!  Below is the beginnings of our Resource Library that covers a variety of topics.  New content will be added regularly.  




Jesus died for all our sins, but there is one type of sin that can still be affecting us: iniquities.  Good news: Jesus also died for iniquities!  Because iniquities flow generationally, they can be influencing  your day-to-day life.  Do you feel stuck in a bad habit or sin pattern?  Do thoughts or feelings come in that seem foreign to you?  Gain an understanding of how iniquities work, and see the power of righteousness released in your generations!

Lesson 1: Time to Run!

Lesson 2: Trampled by Love

Lesson 3: You're Right!

Lesson 4: Straight to Victory


Be equipped to understand your dreams!  Many times in the Bible, God used dreams to speak and give direction. Each of us have a dream language between us and God, and He's often speaking to us in the night season. Begin to recognize the way the Lord speaks to you, and watch how your dream life expands!

Session 1: Training about Dreams

Session 3: Types of Dreams and Dream Symbols, part 1

Session 2: Interpreting Dreams and Visions

Session 4: Types of Dreams and Dream Symbols, part 2